MW (Morpheus's Waves)

MW (Morpheus’s Waves)

A radio is tuned in to mysterious dream-like frequencies, going through dreams, lives and places. The fantastical presences picked up by this apparatus speak several languages and say strange things but we and above all you are not concerned with this. These fascinating phonemes are just sounds which increase our unconscious treasure. They are the waves of the sea of Morpheus in the depths of which the female being, to whom we pay homage, reigns sovereign. “Morpheus’s  Waves” leads to an underwater global village in which various identities, stripped of all imposed models, express themselves freely. Apart from the inevitable levelling out of our world these creatures are free to be and to say what they want and this makes them even more beautiful.

still on MW
This is “MW-Morpheus’s Waves”: a pure quest for sound which we at E.G.O. give to the user; a meal based on LANGUAGE+MUSIC+PICTURE. There are no subtitles to go with the pictures. The aim is to lower to a minimum the level of understanding and raise that of the imagination. The less fortunate run the risk of understanding at least one of the sixteen frequencies created. The more fortunate may not even understand even one. However, everybody will have to use his/her imagination. We EGOists should be the most unfortunate because we know all the texts of this quest for sound…. But no! We will live off the numerous and various interpretations that people give us…. Enjoy the film.

Directors: Gaetano Accettulli
Animation: E.G.O.
Actors: Florenca Bellova, Mª Del Prado González Guerrero, Tina Ušai, Olga Drokova, Jwona Małecka, Daniela Tzvetkova, Iris Marquardt, Siusanna Lelyk, Bianca Ionita, Meri Elo, Valeria De Pinto, Zahara Premoselli, Hajer Azouz, Kristina Krizovenska, Najat Noubail, Beatrix Mátyus.
Screenplay: Gaetano Accettulli
Editing: Gaetano Accettulli
Painting on paper: Gaetano Accettulli, Vito Livio Squeo
Music: Francesco Lettera
Sound editing: Gaetano Accettulli
Production: E.G.O.
Year: 2006-2008
Running time: 12 min.