Vito Livio Squeo

Livio Squeo is an illustrator, sketcher, dreamer, and a book enthusiast.
After gaining his degree in Painting and Graphics at the School of Fine Arts, he specialized in the field of 2D animation. In 2004 he created, with his friend and colleague Gaetano Accettulli, the E.G.O. Production (an acronym for Dream Gestation Company), an animation and video experimental project. E.G.O. takes part in numerous festivals all over the world, gaining recognition and winning awards. But he has never ceased to draw and paint, which are the fundamentals of his expression: through illustration, painting, storyboard, or wall painting, his love for graphic arts, anatomy, and surreal combinations, continues to emerge from his imagination. Currently he works in a bookstore and illustrates books; while also painting on every media he can get his hands on because he despises the reality as it is. He lives in Rome.